Account Executive Placement in Virginia

VIBE Recruiting Lands Account Executive for Virginia Software Company. ~ 0 Days 0 Candidates 0 + Interviews 0 Finalists A SaaS company on the East Coast needed to quickly fill a critical Account Executive position. They sought a skilled and experienced individual who could generate leads, build strong client relationships, and drive revenue growth. However, […]

5 Ways to Have a Productive Commute

Getting back to an office? The daily commute can feel like a productivity black hole. Stuck in traffic, crammed into public transport, or pounding the pavement – it’s easy to feel like precious minutes are slipping away. But before you resign yourself to another episode of mindless scrolling, consider this: your commute can be a […]

San Diego Recruiting: Swift Sales Leadership Placement

In response to the critical need for a Sales Leader at one of the largest Life Sciences companies in the United States, VIBE Recruiting executed an expedited search and successfully introduced the President of the company to a standout candidate from a top competitor. The client, facing urgent hiring requirements, was impressed by the candidate’s […]

Case Study: A Rapid Key Account Manager Placement

This case study delves into a partnership between VIBE Recruiting and a burgeoning biotech company based in San Diego, with its headquarters situated in China. The challenge was to expediently identify, evaluate, and place a Key Account Manager, an instrumental role pivotal to the company’s venture into the San Diego market. This partnership encapsulates the […]

Strategic Timeline for Post-Interview Follow-Ups in Sales

Securing your dream sales job isn’t just about acing the interview; it’s also about what you do afterward. To help you navigate the post-interview process strategically, VIBE Recruiting presents a timeline of events: 1. During the Interview: Find Synergy and Hone In During the interview itself, actively listen for points of synergy between your skills […]

Press Release: Strategic Partnership VIBE x Dextego

Press Release: VIBE Recruiting partners with AI SaaS company Dextego. Amplifying Technology Talent Acquisition and Retention methods through Groundbreaking Collaboration with AI Coach for Soft Skills! California, August 8th, 2023 VIBE Recruiting, the leading recruitment agency in the SaaS and technology sectors, and Dextego, the pioneer in AI coaching for soft skills, announced today that […]