PatternAI: Unleasing the True Potential of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword of the decade, until now. The transition from buzzword to real life applicability is happening, and we’re living it every day here at VIBE.

During a recent interview with Greg Tapper, the CEO and Co-Founder of PatternAI, we delved deeper into how AI is morphing into our new co-worker, a pairing entity to drive our productivity to untouched heights.

On the call, Greg explained PatternAI, a groundbreaking tool used by sales leaders to gain insights from conversations, helping to streamline work processes. What distinctly sets Pattern apart is its ability to treat these shared conversations as data with utter confidentiality and enables users to gather all of the essential information from their discussions. It’s like having an extra set of ears in your meetings that happens to have an eidetic memory.

Greg explored a fascinating aspect of PatternAI – its ability to generate actionable insights based on a user’s interaction. Pattern gets better with extensive usage.

Why? The more usage > the more content you generate > the more patterns emerge from those conversations.

Our Co-Founder, Vince, a technology industry analyst (he’s never called himself this before, but we like it – thanks Pattern!), posed a quintessential question during the call:

Could the usage of such high-efficient AI in companies lead to employee redundancy?

Greg’s answer: AI isn’t here to deplete job opportunities. Good AI, like Pattern, will only augment every salesperson’s ability and make them better at what they do.”

They also put forth an intriguing point about AI being able to adapt based on an individual’s profile and predictive intelligence. This could lead to having your own personal version of the software, learning and evolving based on your conversations and prompts. Some might call this having your very own robot helper for work!

Greg believes that personal AI is the future. He visualizes PatternAI not just as a tool but rather as an assistant that’s going to help us become better at what we do in our jobs. The future does indeed seem promising with AI.

This conversation showed us first hand how technology is steering business models and processes toward untapped potential. The implications of AI, Pattern included, are vast and are soon going to be a dominant force in streamlining our professional lives.

The future of work is here, and PatternAI is making it efficient, one conversation at a time!

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